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General Description

The West White Ranch is located approximately 16 miles northeast of Roswell, NM. The Pecos River runs through this ranch and offers sub-irrigated land along the river. This well watered ranch also has a spring which flows year-round except in very dry years. There is a 40-ft well, pipe corrals, a house and various outbuildings. It will support approximately 45 head of cattle year-round depending on rainfall and range conditions.

The Pecos River runs north to south through the west part of the ranch. The land adjacent to the river on the west side is flat; on the east side of the river it consists of upland soils that are generally flat to rolling, intersected by drainages to the river.

Elevation of the ranch range from 3800 feet on the east end to 3580 feet along the river on the west end. Annual rainfall averages around 12 inches per year. The average daily high temperature is 75° and the average annual daily low is around 41°.


Vegetation on the upland east side of the ranch consists of mesquite and salt cedar, cottonwood trees with an understory of salt grass and sacaton grass. There is also four wing saltbrush (chemisa) interspersed with a variety of grasses.
The area along the river is sub-irrigated and can potentially drought-proof the ranch during dry years.


Aside from the Pecos River which runs through the ranch on the west end, the ranch also has a spring that flows except in very dry years. Water is also furnished by a dirt tank that catches run-off water, as well as an approx. 40-ft. deep well, which is powered by an electric pump into a pipeline which furnishes water to various drinking troughs throughout the ranch.


The boundary and pasture fences are in good condition. The ranch in divided into six pastures, including the traps, which allows for adequate grazing rotation.


Ranch Operation

The West White Ranch will support approximately 45 cattle year round, depending on rainfall and range conditions.


Wildlife on this ranch includes Mule Deer, Turkey, and a variety of bird species.

Improvements & Facilities

Improvements consist of a small set of pipe corrals, a nice shop and an older home.

Acreage and Lease Costs

Deeded land – 1,021.85 acres
BLM land – 458 acres
NM State Land – 648.52 acres
Private Lease Land – 81 acres
Total acres – 2,200.4 acres

Current Grazing Fees
BLM Lease – $167.40
State Land Lease – $537.86
Private Lease – $620.00
Total Lease Cost/Year – $1,325.26


Estimated 2020 NM Property tax is $1,111.08



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