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Bille Jo M. Barnhoorn - Associate Broker

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We welcome Billie Jo M.Barnhoorn, Associate Broker, to our Team. We have known each other for some years now and will work well together, with mutual respect, shared knowledge and assisting each other as needed. Together we will serve you as property seller, or property buyer, in all your real estate needs.

Billie Jo currently owns and operates a sheep ranch in Eastern New Mexico together with her husband Christo and two daughters.  

Billie Jo and her husband raise their two daughters with Christian faith and honest Ranch living. They work together on their ranch, where they raise and direct market grass fed Dorper sheep utilizing regenerative, holistic range management methods. Billie Jo loves every minute of living and working out in nature and would not trade it for anything. The values her children learn by working and problem solving cannot be bought in monetary terms.

When younger, Billie Jo was a Rodeo Queen and Trick Rider, and covered all of the United States and quite a bit of Canada in her travels. She went from working on large horse ranches in California - breaking and training horses and giving lessons, to insurance adjusting for catastrophic events such as hurricanes in the Eastern and Southern States. For the last 17 years, she has assisted property owners start the process of recovery with honesty and integrity. In addition to the sheep ranching and insurance adjusting they also own and operate several rental properties.

Billie Jo holds an Associate Broker license and hopes her varied experience across different areas of life can be useful in assisting you in your real estate needs. Along with her Broker Tom Sidwell, Billie Jo looks forward to serving you in your real estate endeavors.

Contact Billie Jo M. Barnhoorn: 325-642-5296


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